Cost Effectiveness


Line Clearance with Mulchers Using mulchers is entirely cost effective and will help you successfully complete your project on time and within budget. By working with mulchers, you will see the following benefits:

Fast work
Projects are completed faster with mulchers that clear land more effectively than conventional methods such as bulldozing. The narrow mulchers have been used on many 3D narrow seismic line projects in Northern Alberta and have accomplished daily production matching that of 40 hand-cutters.

Narrower lines
With narrower lines you remove only the trees that need to be removed and avoid incurring timber damage fees.

Smooth and open path
Wood chips create a path on the ground which allows you to move equipment and personnel more easily on site.

No windrow
Without windrows to worry about, you do not have to expend extra labour for burning, as well as avoiding the fire hazard. The lack of debris means less damage to equipment and you have all the available space at your disposal.