About Us


Command Equipment Ltd., based in Edmonton, Alberta, provides contracting services to the oil & gas industry and developmental sector. In the past, land clearance operations were completed by bulldozing the trees and brush which were then piled and burned as debris. In an attempt to deliver a land clearance solution that reduced environmental impact and overall costs to the client while maintaining high safety standards, Command Equipment began its line clearance operations in 1995. Command Equipment now provides year round land clearance services that include narrow and conventional seismic line clearing, core hole programs, pipeline right-of-way (ROW) clearing, land clearing for new oil facilities and/or commercial and residential developments. Our commitment to quality exceeds our client’s expectations and has earned Command Equipment a reputation for delivering excellent work on time and on budget.


Over the last 10 years Command Equipment has grown from a small start-up company with 2 Challenger tractors to a fleet of 16 machines with a staff of 35 to 50 fully trained and safety certified employees. Command Equipment also has a 40 foot fully enclosed workshop and parts storage available to be moved on to large projects. Long term projects can also be set up with one of our portable shelters.