The equipment we use on your projects is second to none for quality. We select this equipment for its reliability, positive environmental impact, safety records and cost effectiveness. We are committed to mulching and drilling equipment innovation. Command Equipment will encourage and adopt new equipment ideas as our industry changes and grows.

Command Equipment uses a variety of Mulching machines based on the needs of your project. Equipment allocation on a particular project is typically decided not only by terrain, ground conditions, but also by tree size and density. Our fleet ranges from 87hp to 550hp.with horizontal mulching heads ranging in size from 1.75m wide to 3.0m wide. We have researched all over the world and our field experience has taught us that one particular machine is not the answer to all field conditions. Our R&D; division has worked tirelessly to mate various mulching heads with bodies to create the most efficient machines possible in terms of size and weight to power ratio. Our 200 hp machines were designed and built by our company and have received an engineering stamp. These machines, which utilize the horizontal mulching concept with fixed carbide teeth, have belt drives on both sides of the drum to allow the head to transfer horsepower more efficiently. Our 200hp narrow machines bring industry leading power to making mulching larger trees more efficient.

With the exception of the Challengers, all of our machines are steel tracked. This allows us the ability to maneuver in more places than rubber track machines. In addition to our fleet of drill and mulching units, we have introduced two narrow personnel carriers. These small 2 and 4 man units allow field operations to run fuel and parts to the machine wherever they are on the project, minimizing the amount of time that the cutting machine is not productive. In addition, if necessary the personnel carriers can be modified into an emergency vehicle. All of Command Equipment’s fleet is GPS equipped. This allows the client the ability to download the progress of the land clearing, but also ensures accurate tracking. Command Equipment provides a clerk on every job to manage documentation and ensure that field contact is available at all times.